About your Thermogram

Thermography Patient Information

Breast Screening with Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

Purpose of test:

For early detection of abnormal changes in the breasts requiring further diagnostic testing.

Patient preparation:

Do not smoke for 2 hours before the test

Do not use lotions or powder on your breasts or

surrounding areas on the day of test

Avoid sun exposure on day of test

Diet - No changes necessary

Medicines - No changes necessary

Disrobing - Remove all upper body clothing and jewelry. Put on surgical gown supplied. Inform your Thermographer if you have had any recent skin lesions on your breast; the inflammation can cause a false positive result.

How the test will feel:

The number of people involved in the procedure will be limited to protect your privacy. The room air may feel cool on your breasts as they adjust to room temperature before scanning.

Examining room temperatures are comfortable when you disrobe for the examination. Any apprehension about the sophisticated thermography equipment is soon dispelled, the procedure is totally non invasive, the camera does not emit radiation of any kind.

Time before test results available:

Time before results are reported to the doctor or patient varies from a few hours to a few days.

Frequently asked questions:


Who performs test?

Female Clinical Thermographer.

Any risks or side effects?

None. Procedure non-invasive, non-contact, no radiation. How long does it take ?

Patient time for test: 15-20 minutes.



You are welcome to bring a companion or partner to be present at the examination

While participation in a DITI early detection program can increase your chance of detecting and monitoring breast disease,
as with all other tests, it is still not a 100% guarantee of detection.